Jörgen Larsson

Jörgen Larsson”I believe that unpretentious leadership allows others’ thoughts and ideas to grow and be tested to achieve the business goal.”

One of my strengths is the ability to work with key people to sort out and clarify complex situations and operations. This has been an asset in the assignments I have had, whether as a Project Manager, a Change Manager or a Manager with personnel responsibility. I often work with people in the early stages of projects and lead them in model-based approaches. I have great experience of leading working groups in different creative contexts, something which has been useful in assignments which are focused on idea generation, innovation, business-, operations- or product development.

I enjoy working with business projects, where innovation is a key success factor. I have worked in different areas within the process industry with measurement, monitoring and traceability of the manufacturing and distribution lines; within the healthcare sector with management systems, research systems and organisation for follow up care; and in the energy sector with complex systems and procurement. Basically, I am a mechanical engineer and I have built on my knowledge with mathematics, statistics, IT and information management and a lot of leadership. I believe in my colleagues and coworkers innate creativity and I do not think there are any limits to what we can achieve when the right conditions are provided.

I have great experience in leading change which involves setting requirements and how information should be made available in the central business systems or data warehouses for decision support i.e. “Business Intelligence”. In my assignments, my expertise in architecture and modeling techniques come into their own. In addition, I can deal with information security topics, which is a need that most of my clients have in common.

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