Ingemar Persson

Ingemar Persson”It is my firm belief that successful leadership is based in a real and genuine interest in people.”

I have extensive experience as a manager and a project manager within technical operations, including in the telecommunications sector. In this sector I have run large and complex development projects. My strengths, as a project leader lie in planning, management and implementation with accurate monitoring and financial accounting and control. I contribute to a project’s success through using qualified, structured and documented project management. With my background as a Quality and Environmental Manager, I am used to managing change, deviations and project risk from a holistic perspective, whilst keeping the target in focus.

I have good knowledge and training in many areas such as Project Management, Quality and Environmental systems. A number of times, I have worked with the approval processes of the Swedish and Norwegian state authorities. This provided me with good knowledge, insight and understanding of regulatory and certification requirements for railway and shipping.

I have great interpersonal skills and a wholehearted interest in people. Project and working groups are always comprised of people, and I see my interest in this as a success factor in my leadership. Through this approach I manage to ensure all members thrive and perform at their best.

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