Hans Cramnert

Hans Cramnert”My view is that organizations that implements continuous improvements driven by the employees more often gets higher operational quality and customer satisfaction at the same time as the employees feels less stressed.”

Most of my clients are in the municipal and public sector where I have mostly worked with implementation of LEAN principles e.g. employee driven continuous improvements. I have great experience in working with service and support organizations as a manager, investigator, operational developer and as a coach. In my assignments I help my clients to plan and implement employee driven continuous improvements based on their objectives and values. During the implementation of the continuous improvement work the management and employees are coached to learn the new way of working. My commitment shows my customers the advantage with implementing LEAN and my experience makes the clients feel safe and secure during the implementation.

My broad knowledge within operational development has its was first gained in different positions within the IT and telecom business and in the public sector. I have had different roles as e.g. Operational Development support, Department Manager, interim IT manager, Project Manager and responsible for Sales and Customer relations. I have a background in Machine Engineering from the Luleå University of Technology and have also attended Leader trainings at TietoEnator and a number of training sin Project Management.

My best qualities are my social skills and I find it easy to connect with new people, important qualifications in times of change. I am confident in my leadership and in my knowledge and by that I create trust in the project I am involved in. I am driven by a will to deliver and show results and my single-mindedness is a success factor in my assignment.

Hans Cramnert | hans.cramnert@jaxbird.se | +46 (0)70 – 58 57 088 | www.linkedin.com/in/hanscramnert