About Us

  • We maintain that good leaders have empathy, sensitivity and humility.
  • We work on the principal that an open working environment provides the best conditions for creativity to lead to success
  • We are confident that believing in each person’s ability lifts the whole group.
  • We know that the key to implementing successful change and introducing new working practices involves each individual feeling part of the process and having the opportunity to influence it.
  • We consider that it is necessary to recognise and bridge the gap between management strategy and operational implementation in order to be successful.
  • We know that it is the space between strategy and implementation where the major benefits for operations lie.

Please call us: We would welcome the opportunity to develop our thoughts on leadership and successful operations with you.

Ingemar Persson
+46 709 56 11 18

Hans Cramnert
+46 70 58 57 088

Jenny Nyhlén
+46 701 88 11 10

Jörgen Larsson
+46 702 55 55 69