Jenny Nyhlén

Jenny Nyhlén”I am convinced that it is worthwhile for leaders to try to create a positive environment where creativity and empowerment can flourish. There is a hidden strength when everyone is working towards the same goal – you need to seize it!”

I am driven to do a good job and make a difference for customers. I am a typical “doer” who realises plans and goals. I enjoy and I am most effective when I participate and influence the whole organisation; from strategy to implementation. One of my strengths is that I know that the success of a mission is about people. I pick up the phone, meet people, discuss and strive to create a tolerant and creative environment where each individual is given a chance to grow. My assignments often involve project management, management support as a coach/ mentor and interim manager.

My background is in the IT industry, where I have been a Systems Specialist and Technical Manager. For fifteen years I have been self-employed and a consultant with a focus on leadership, operations and business development, often in the energy and infrastructure sector. I have a lot experience working with specifications, procurement, feasibility studies, business analysis, system changes, process flows, service and support. I like new solutions but also like to take advantage of what exsits. Some people call this management – I call it wisdom.

In my opinion the basis of good leadership and in order to be a good leader, one must know and be oneself. I have had many customers, in both private and public businesses, and my experience has been that leaders who stand up for what they believe will win respect, trust and get a lot done.

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