Lars Blomberg

Lars Blomberg”I tend to think that it is the pessimist in all of us which complains about the noise when opportunity knocks on the door.”

I have competence within technology, management, sales and finance, with great method- and process knowledge. My combination of competence and communication skills makes me particularly suited to the task as a leader, to develop activities and working with procurement. I have the ability to see the big picture and analyse it from a performance perspective. I can translate written and verbal information to the benefit of the business and implement change. Furthermore, I love to work and work hard.

I have extensive experience in both project and line management within engineering, IT and telecommunications and the public sector, where I have worked since 1989. I have experience supporting management, line managers and project managers. I have also been responsible for Sales and developing good relations with new and existing customers.

Academically, I have a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering from Linköping University. My curiosity has led me to work in Germany, Spain, Holland, Japan and the United States, amongst others. I take this international experience with me on each assignment. I know that culture influences a company’s success and that systematic approach can make a world of difference.

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